Friday, 9 October 2009

Fuck you, Ofgem

The "energy regulator", Ofgem, has "warned" that domestic energy bills in the UK could rise by 60% by 2016-17.

Hooray, you fucking cretins, now you've given the already profiteering energy companies carte blanche to raise prices by 60%. I thought the role of the regulator was to, what was it now... ah yes, fucking REGULATE the industry, not hand them golden opportunities on a fucking plate when the mood takes them - explains the actions of the fucking FSA, anyway.

Yes, it may be true that there are valid reasons that prices will go up, but what the fucking fuck is the point of "warning" us? Is there anything we can do about it, besides emmigrating? Now you have issued the warning, even if the prices don't need to increase by that much, they probably will anyway, because the energy companies know they won't get much stick from consumers because they've been "warned".

"These are big challenges. Consumers are already enduring high energy prices," said Ofgem chief executive Alistair Buchanan.

Interesting that you recognise that. Shame you're then so willing to encourage future price rises.

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AngryDave said...

I used to get my energy from British Gas when we were told that the prices were going up by 50% a few years back. But the actual rise in money coming out of my pocket turned out to be 150% increase on what i was actualy paying. Needless to say i switched straight back to EDF, and it went down to less than what i was origionaly paying to British gas straight away.

Give these greedy fuckers half a chance and they will screw us for everything they can get.