Sunday, 17 May 2009

Why DOES Jandroid call herself a Chief Executive?

As Old Holborn rightly points out, she's a fucking Town Clerk.

And from where I'm sitting, where I notice that for her £180k a year salary the best she can do for the city is "market it better", she's doing a pretty piss-poor job. Still, let's see what she's going to be paid for the next year, and how lavish her office refurnishing is..

And to "John", who recently posted a comment on an earlier post I did on this subject:

Being Chief Exec is not a `non-job` and anyone doing it properly will be one of the best in their field as they will be head of the local civil service and in charge of the day to day management of the Council with the Leader etc providing policy and strategy.


Best in her field? Look John, I'm not being funny, but have you seen any videos of Jan? She can barely string a sentence together, and that's not an exaggeration. Precisely what has she brought to the city of Bristol? What on earth has she done to make me feel that her fucking outrageous salary funded in part by MY COUNCIL TAX provides good value for money? Giving speeches every now and again? Anyone off the street armed with a copy of James Barlow's Council Buzzword Bingo could do it to her standard, and I'd put money on many, many people doing it to a better (and far more articulate) standard. If she was the best in her field then God help us frankly, because as far as I'm concerned in the public appearances on video that I've seen of her she hardly seems like the best representative for the city. And I'm not, like the Bristol Blogger, referring to her "saggy tits and bad teeth", I'm talking purely on brain-power (or lack of), though I totally support the Blogger's mandate for criticism of her personal appearance, given her Chairman Mao-esque obsession of getting her photo everywhere.*

A "non-job" is precisely what Jandroid's job is. She has the pretence of responsibilty but in fact fast-flying bucks stop long before they reach the plush purple carpets of her office, and if you don't realise that then you're even more naiive than your post suggests. She doesn't have to really come up with any ideas, as that's what the "stategic" team she employs is paid to do (who then employ people below them to do it for them), she doesn't have to really make any key decisions (she has her strategic team again), she doesn't have to really spend time replying to people's letters (she has a PA or two to do that for her), so what DOES she do? I can provide a long list of what I do to justify my frankly meagre (in comparison to hers) salary - I bet she can't.

* An interesting thought would be if Jan tries to get the legal team to take action against the Blogger's post about her personal appearance, since the best defence against slander is truth, in which case they'd have to prove that her teeth aren't bad and that in reasonable opinion, her tits aren't saggy. What an image.


AngryDave said...

NOBODY in the public sector should be earning £180k p.a., especialy when their job is to re-alocate their 'work' out to others who are equaly crap at the job.

Bristol does not need millions of pounds worth of marketing. It needs to have the dangerously neglected roads sorted out, it needs to have it's hospitols modernised and cleaned, it needs schools that teach instead of indocrinating kids, it needs to lose all the pointless traffic lights that are used to deliberately cause congestion. And, lastly we need to deport all the foreigners who have come here to deal drugs, become pimps, or just to claim benefits. I dont have a problem with anyone who comes here to work or better themselves or the lives of their children.

Anonymous said...

And by deport, AngryDave, do you mean drop off somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Because that's what I would do.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Angry Dave, £180k per annum makes me want to cry when I think how hard we have to work to even earn £30k! Outside of the council even a successful career of 40 years hard work doesn't generally lead to this type of income.

No doubt to determine this rate they look at the earnings of the UKs most successful business people, at the top of their game, and then presumably equate their contribution to this! As if they are even comparable in any way to successful business people. I wonder why they never leave the council to persue multi million pound careers in the private sector, if they are this brilliant