Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gordon Brown at his most pathetic

In my opinion, anyway.

Note the usual, tired, meaningless catchphrases:

* "I'm dealing with the issues"
* "Difficult times"

Seriously, the guy is desperate. He still thinks that if he repeats all this shit "in that wooden and perfunctory way" ((c) Dan Hannan) that people will believe it! Surely one of his advisors has been kind enough to let him know that doesn't work with the electorate any more? Even to me, it's clear that he's on his last legs. It wouldn't surprise me if he stood down before the autumn, but when Parliament has broken up for summer, in typical Brown cowardice.

And what was that comment at the end about "a leader that has lead us through difficult times before"? What the fuck is all that about? Precisely when has that happened so far, you slack-jawed monocular Scottish piss-streak?

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