Friday, 8 May 2009

Ooh....this is gonna be fun

And so the skeletons come marching out the closet....

Members of the Cabinet are facing tough questions after full details of their expenses claims were published by the Daily Telegraph.

They include a claim for £6,500 made by Gordon Brown to pay his brother for a cleaner for his Westminster flat.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw received a 50% discount on the council tax on his second home, but claimed the full sum.

I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg. You fucking know there's far worse to come than this.

But hang on, it's all OK, because:
Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman said no resignations were likely as all claims were within the rules.

When will these fucking cunts stop using this fucking excuse???!!!!!

It's not even an excuse. The rules are set and overseen by the MPs themselves! They really, really do just think we're fucking stupid. I wonder who on earth told Harman, Brown, et al that "within the rules" is going to be just the kind of winning, trustworthy response that they need to get the public "on side"? They deserve to get their P45 as well, as do most of the MPs. In any other profession (other than Euro MP, of course) you would have been sacked. No ifs, no buts, abuse of expenses is fucking FRAUD. They CANNOT be allowed to get away with this. This isn't even a party-political thing, you can guarantee MPs from all parties are it it. How fucking DARE they treat us with so much contempt? I tell you what, if they're just allowed to get away with all of this unscathed it'll be the final nail in the coffin for British politics.


AngryDave said...

Is it any wonder society is in such bad shape when that are meant to be leading us are such a bunch of robbing thieving cunts.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

So there's Slippery Jack belatedly deciding to repay the money he stole by paying back the 50% council tax rebate that he had claimed in full once it was clear that his multiple fraudulent claims were to be published.

Hey Jack, if that had been a single Mum Social Housing claimant forgetting about her live-in useless boyfriend she would have been up in front of the Beak, fined, named and shamed.
Saying " Sorry, I forgot and I paid it back anyway " is not good enough from her and it is not enough from you, you corrupt cunt.

Perhaps I was being a little naive in previously thinking that Jack was merely a skilled political survivor, inept and politically corrupt but personally above reproach. How wrong I was.
Jack Straw, yes YOU, we know what an expenses fiddle looks like and you are it.

But what do our Parliamentary Protectors worry about ?
Cunts, the lot of you.

AngryDave said...

It aint just expenses either, as these fuckers are crooked as fuck. A biker recently got locked up for (approx, i'm not sure) 6 months after he got caught doing 120mph with his son on the back, but NOBODY was killed or injured. Then we have Lord Ahmed (or whatever is name is) killed someone while sending a text, and did 15 days in an open jail.

So, if a single mother got caught out over her council tax, these cunts would probably take her kids off of her and lock her away.

Why do they expect people to act better than they do?
I have more respect for a straight up crook than any one of these crooked, thieving, lying bastards.