Tuesday, 5 May 2009

"The right thing to do"

How often do we hear this phrase now from the government?

Mr Brown told a press conference in Glasgow that the measure had been "the right decision to make. It was the right decision for investment, and it was the right decision for the future of our pension system, and it was the right decision for the future of our economy."
Snot-Gobbler on the removal of pension tax credits

As delegates shouted "Give us our money", she insisted the Government had made the right decision.
Jackboots refusing to backdate the Police's 2.5% payrise

What the fuck is this about? Who fucking fuck are they to tell us which decisions they've made are the right ones? At least when Tony Blair told us he thought invading Iraq was the right decision, he qualified it with "I thought" or "I believed". And people said he had delusions of grandeur (which in all fairness, he did). Gordon doesn't even bother with that - he and his henchpeople are now TELLING us what the right decisions are.

What do they think, that if they say something twice then it becomes so?

Vince Cable had it spot on with Stalin/Mr Bean. But notice that the government has never really attempted to refute the "Stalin/Diktat/etc" labels which are now often applied (in my opinion, correctly) to most decisions they make and/or how they are implemented. I wonder why this is. Could it possibly be because they know it's impossible to refute them?

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AngryDave said...

The right decision for Gordon right now would be to call an election and resign. Anything else is just more bollocks!