Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Laurence Robertson - a grasping cunt

A grasping cunt, with his wife - who he paid out of his expense allowance to write him an appalling website

This cunt, according to many news sources, has apparently said in an email that
I personally am not prepared to become poorer at this stage of my career.
And it's no fucking wonder too. He is joint top of the table (with all the other troughers claiming the maximum amount) for Additional Costs Allowance - £23,083 - as well as joint second on the "Incidental Expenses Provision" (whatever that is) - £30,374. He also, perhaps unsurprisingly, paid his wife to write his appalling website out of his £10,015 communications allowance (see the note at the bottom of the site. I wonder what her bill was?

This is just one of many cunts who have been abusing their position.

Still, Stephen Fry seems to think that it's not important and we have more important things to worry about, and that journalists are terrible for fiddling expenses anyway.

Now, as much as I respect you Stephen, that wasn't the best thing you could have said. For starters, Journalist's expenses, however fiddled, are not funded by the public purse, are they? (except for the BBC)


Anonymous said...

He is seperated from his wife. How long has she been on the payroll for?

Anonymous said...

Troughist Monk ?

Old Holborn said...

Kill them all. Kill them with fire

AngryDave said...

In the grand scheme of things there are more important things than expenses, but they are a syptom of the corruption and show that they are all involved. Basicaly, there is not one good one amongst them all.
As for people in the private sector fiddling expenses, that should be addressed by their boss. But as far as mp's are concerned, we are their bosses. Apparently.
I am a little disapointed in Stephen Fry, as i quite like the guy, but feel he has missed the point a bit.

Blind Pugh said...

The greedy grasping hungry cunt that is Julie Kirkbride is said to be ready to abandon the Good Ship Shite. It is only because her constituents have all told her they will set shove candles up her minge and set fire to them if she doesn't go. The shameless hoor and her fuckwit husband will no doubt become highly paid "advisors" when they do eventually fuck off. Shameless cunts, the lot of them.

PlusMan said...

That would be the same Stephen Fry, patron of a charity in Manchester, who has been approached about wrongdoing and worse within the organisation, but ignores all corespondence.

Seems that once 'alternative comedian' has become an Establishment Luvvie.