Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Empty words from Brown

Any Labour MP found to have "defied the rules" with their expenses claims will not be allowed to stand at the next general election, says Gordon Brown.

What a load of shit. According to all the MPs caught up in this, their claims were "within the rules".

So who exactly will be allowed to stand at the next general exlection?


Whether they get voted in, of course, is a completely different matter. I think Labour are going to be (rightly) crushed at the next election.


AngryDave said...

Yet more bullshit from the mouth of the PM! Yet another case of them setting the rules and being left to enforce them.
What a cunt.

Old Bag said...

i really dont think that cunt knows what he's saying anymore...hes away with the fairies.

Old Holborn said...

Keep up your work against Kerry

She won't even entertain my posts but you are a local