Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bristol City Council and Southwest One

Are Bristol City Council trying to smuggle ties to the heavily-criticised Southwest One through the back door?

News on the grapevine is that BCC are implementing a new website (their current one is pretty shit, mind) and that this time around, they've got some consultants in to oversee the process - Mouchel.

Why might this be relevant?

Well, Mouchel, who used to be called Mouchel Parkman, were key players in the Southwest One deal. From Southwest One's 2007 press release:

Another key element in this deal is that it is two “excellent” authorities working closely with IBM and its contractor, Mouchel Parkman.

Still, it appears Southwest One aren't doing particularly fantastically at the moment:

Hundreds of computer experts are trying to fix glitches in Somerset County Council's £30 million computer system, which is still yet to be used.

The expensive system, called SAP and planned to be used across a myriad of council departments, was originally supposed to be fully operational at Somerset County Council on February 1.

But that date was soon changed to April 1, then June 1, but with days to go, council staff have now been told that the date has been delayed again – with no new date has yet being given for its completion.

Now hundreds of IBM experts have been drafted in to try to get the fiercely controversial scheme up and running.

Maybe it's just IBM's software is shit?


Elby the Beserk said...

Well back in the 80s it used to be ICL. I worked for a company installing their library system at Taunton headquarters - we made our own machines, super fast, super resilient.

Came in one morning, there had been a power cut overnight. Power had gone back on - our machine recovered automatically was up and running.

It took them 24 hours to sort the ICL machines out.

Anonymous said...

Do they really believe, in their wildest dreams, that hundreds of experts are working on fixing it?

Just demonstrates what utter fucktards these people are.

Anonymous said...

"SAP" used to be street jargon for 'silly fool' or 'cunted wanker'.
Anyone thus identified s a "sap" would be worthy of a good kicking.

Sperry Univac, Ha Ha Ha.