Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Another example of TELLING us how it is

At a BBC news article here.
Ministers say public support for ID cards is high

What possible fucking measure is this based on? Everyone I've ever spoken to is at best, indifferent (that's if they're fucking stupid) or dead-against it. So now ministers are "repeating in that wooden and perfunctory way" (© Dan Hannan) anything they want us to believe, in the hope that we'll just believe it?

They want to take a long hard look at themeselves if they think that's going to keep them in power.


Screech said...

she's deluded, you ask her where she got her figures from an she'll give you that gordon look, as if she didn't hear the question. the only people i can see going for these are those who are old enough but dont look old enough to get into pubs, but that shouldn't be a problem soon as most of them will be shut anyway.

AngryDave said...

I dont need or want an i.d card, and i will resist and make it hard for them until they just give up or till they all die.

Captain Swing said...

What you must understand is that Ms Smiff lives a different reality to the rest of us.What she thinks is the truth without question.Anyone not "on message"is labelled a racist , homophobe etc etc. and barred from the country.If you are lucky enough to already be inside GB open prison then you are just ignored.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Jackboots and the rest are just a bunch of loony tunes socialist cunts.

Old Bag said...

i just fell off my chair reading that BBC quote aqbout there being support for these cunting ID cards..nice to know that jackboots is as deluded as ever...i didnt know so many people were in favour of being kept under servitude...utter bullshit from a utter cunt.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"...anyone who holds a UK Passport..." WTF ? What further proof of ID might you need if you already have a fucking passport ?
Sad old cunt, let's see if all those Mancs are the ones who famously think tht ID cards aren't being introduced quickly enough, as 'oor Jacqui seems to believe.

ps, let's keep an eye-out for pressure being applied to public servants and those in receipt of state services for using said 'voluntary ' cards ( eg, maybe it will become LOTS easier to renew your resident parking permit if you have one and damn near impossible if you don't; tricksy bastards ).