Friday, 21 November 2008

What a fantastic FOI Request

Dear Sir or Madam,

What numbers of people are employed by the Council with the
following words in their job titles:

1. Community 2. Equality/equalities 3. Diversity 4. Cohesion

What is the total salary bill for these employees?

Yours faithfully, Steve Woods which the reply is:

Dear Mr Woods,

As at 6th October 2008:

- There are 238 Bristol City Council employees that have community, equality/equalities, diversity or cohesion in their job titles.

- The total salary bill for these employees is £3,355,257.54.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wright
Bristol City Council

I wonder how many would be eligable for OH's Pointless Jobs Competition?


Anonymous said...


Any chance we can meet up to discuss

The Penguin said...

Local MP Kerry McCarthy vists local school

The Penguin