Sunday, 9 November 2008

Kerry McCarthy, you stupid cow

Hat Tip to Old Holborn for this one

The second MP to respond to the LPUK's excellent 1984 campaign is Kerry McCarthy, who's blog comments in response to a very important item being sent to her are just fucking atrocious. Talk about proving the point, Kerry! She's now disabled comments on her blog. Maybe scared of going the way of Tom Harris?

And at 10.51 yesterday morning the order went out to UKLP members on their website to swamp my blog with comments.

Hmmmm. Not according to the LPUK. Think I'll trust my instincts on this one, Kerry.

Given that she was quite happy to claim £155,487 in expenses on top of her £60k+ salary a year, and then have the fucking front to whinge about the reaction to the MPs expense row, she is in no position to lecture anybody.

And now she's put her fingers in her ears.

Well Kerry, let me, as someone who has lived in Bristol all my life, give you some advice.

The LPUK's action was not a stunt, it represents, genuinely how people in this country are feeling about how the government acts. Don't think for one second that there aren't many, many people in Bristol alone that feel like this. Your attempts to justify the increasingly draconian legislation YOU want introduced are just pathetic.

Public support of CCTV - hmmmm. I think if people in Bristol truly knew how many CCTV cameras were watching their every move throughout Bristol (as I'll reveal here very soon) they might be asking a few questions.

Your voting record tells us all we need to know about your ideas of freedom, and your contempt for the British Public.


Old Holborn said...

"the order went out"

Erm. The Libertarian Party don't issue orders. That's why they are er... Libertarians

Bristol Dave said...


I've contemplated whether to join but I've just had enough. I am ashamed I did not send a copy of 1984 or take part in a healthy stroll on Nov 5th. My membership fee to LPUK is being sent off tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Good man- That entitles you to be a member of the South West and South Wales branch

Old Holborn said...

Bristol Evening Post seem quite keen to hear the whole story....