Sunday, 9 November 2008

Terrorism threat growing, apparently

According to a secret intelligence report the Telegraph have got their hands on.

Fucking YAWN. How big can the threat grow?

How long have we been on a "high" state of a alert for? And then every time the government feels like people are complaining a bit too much about anything, they use that old "govern with fear" chesnut and the BBC (who are basically now Pravda) run a report on how scared we are all now instructed to be, with pictures of armed police.

Or maybe they want to increase support for ID cards and think this is a good way to do it.

Newsflash, Jacqui, you fucking arrogant cunt, nobody in this country believes you when you say that ID cards will help combat terrorism. Why is this? Because we're not as fucking stupid as you think we are. Do try to remember this with any future dealings with the public.

And you can ram your ID card, and it's associated costs that we'll have to pay for, up your fucking arse.

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