Saturday, 29 November 2008

Spot the liars

Gordon Brown:

But the winner is CLEARLY Jacqui Smith.

How fucking arrogant is this woman? Look at the way she speaks to the camera. She clearly knew this was happening, she probably ordered the fucking arrest in the first place. She'll be rumbled, eventually. And what the fuck is the Demon Headmaster doing hanging around in the background like some senile old pensioner? He barely looks like he knows where he is.


Old Holborn said...

Kill them. Kill them with fire.

Window Licker said...

The complete arrogance of the woman. Incredible, nothing to say apart from she supports the Police. She didn't know yet Cameron was told beforehand. Right.

That look on her face as if to say "How dare you question me", she really does have one of those faces you'd never get bored punching. Not that I condone such action on a ZNL MP of course.

Trixy said...

'A bit baffling'?

Boulton is so in with the ZaNu Lab establishment one wonders how anyone could consider him impartial.

If, indeed, anyone does.

John Pickworth said...

MPs in threat to disrupt State opening of Parliament

It has emerged that MPs were privately discussing whether to protest during the debate on Wednesday's Queen's Speech if Mr Martin did not act. Senior Conservative figures said they might even organise a walkout from Parliament if the authorities did not apologise.

I hope they do this... its time to stop mucking about and actually do SOMETHING.

We really are on a precipice and the dead-weight of a dying, corrupt and power crazied Government threatens to drag us ALL over the edge. This isn't about saving the reputation of Parliament, its about rescuing the entire country from the madness within.