Tuesday, 18 November 2008

First step...


Maybe finally we'll see the Channel 4 Drama "The Trial Of Tony Blair" come true! I love how Blair and that cunt Jack Straw were always so defensive of Lord Goldsmith's "independence". Yeah, OK then.

Hopefully he'll take all his Blairite supporters, including that awful cow Dawn Primarolo, who voted very strongly for the Iraq war and also very strongly against an investigation into the war. Funny, that. She's also voted strongly for introducing ID cards, student top-up fees, and very strongly for Anti-Terror laws.

I wonder if she could get her tongue any further up Blair's/Brown's arse? I wonder if she's ever even been spoken to by a whip?

The Iraq war was blatantly illegal, immoral, and has cost us countless billions of pounds, as well as lost lives. What's been gained? I really fucking hope we get an PROPER, INDEPENDENT investigation into the legality of it. Even the Conservatives should be able to pick up on it, despite voting for the war, by claiming they were misled.

Tony, you arrogant cock-knocker, you're going down.


SG said...

found your site thanks to Venue Spam. big thanks (though i have issues w/them terming you 'Possibly the most splenetic and sweary local blog ever' mainly cos that's exactly the title for which i've been aiming for over 4 yrs now. for fuck's fucking sake... i can never win *feigned frustration* ;-)

then again, i'm American *ducks* and my POV is way dif than yours (apart from the War in Iraq and judging by a quick scan down your front page, most of your politics, which are totally in line w/mine).

now i gotta keep reading. thanks again. :-)

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Possibly the most splenetic and sweary local blog ever

Dave's an amateur. I've even managed to get praise from Mr E for outswearing him.

Bristol Dave said...

Obo, I bow down to your superior sweary skills.

In fairness though, Venue were talking about "local" bloggers...