Saturday, 15 November 2008

Bristol an Anti-Car city?

I was reminded of some letters I've seen the ABD write into the evening post about Bristol being an "anti-car" city, as well as information about a meeting on the subject being held by the ABD in Bristol.

I'm torn on this, because I am a devout petrolhead and deeply disagree with the villifcation and arbritary taxation of people who are simply choosing the cheapest, most reliable, most enjoyable, and most practical form of transport.


1) I think the ABD are a bunch of (in the main) Daily Mail-reading Jaguar-driving cunts who spend more time campaigning against 30mph speed limits than they do actually supporting the cause of petrolheads.
2) I don't think Bristol (as a city) is anti-car.

Quite the opposite, I feel at the moment for travelling between certain parts of the city a car is essential because public transport is so woeful, and so FUCKING EXPENSIVE. There are certainly some anti-car residents (mainly fucking hypocrites living in areas like Redland and Bishopston where car ownership is very high), anti-car blogs (a few have commented here), and certainly with RPZ's, Congestion Charging, etc planned Bristol could turn into an anti-car city.

The problem is, and always has been, lack of alternatives. Public transport in Bristol, and I choose my words very carefully, is fucking appalling. How Bristol City Council can have the sheer temerity to claim anything else I simply do not know. First Bus's prices are shocking, to the extent if there's any more than one person travelling, it's far cheaper to take a car - even taking into account running costs other than petrol - tax, insurance, etc. I'm still at a complete loss why Bristol City Council doesn't tell First Bus to sort their fucking act out - after all, they are the ones that give First Bus permission to operate in Bristol. Even worse, they subside some of the routes!! Jesus H Christ on a tricycle, what do First Bus "have" on BCC that they're still allowed to operate, and still allowed to charge such obscene fares?

Because I can tell you now, piss-poor public transport is NOT a UK thing, it's a Bristol thing. Go and use the tube or the buses in London, or the trams in Manchester, or the buses in Sheffield, and you'll soon see what I mean.

On other alternatives, I'm pleased to see the cycling grants awarded to the city - I cycle to work and back every day to save money on petrol and to get fit. Seperation is the key - anything to keep the buses and cars out of my way whilst I'm struggling up a hill, and anything to get the lycra-clad, arrogant, rules-don't-apply-to-me-especially-traffic-lights cycling twats out of my way when I'm in my car. Yes, I see the contradiction here too. I hope it makes sense.

Maybe I should class myself as a "more reasonable than the ABD" petrolhead then, as I love driving, would never sell my car, but want much more investment in public tranport and cycling?


Obnoxio The Clown said...


Fuck you.

Signed, an ABD member.

PS Public transport sucks donkey cock EVERYWHERE in the UK. Catch public transport in Germany, Spain or Belgium to see how it should be done.

Bristol Dave said...

Note the "in the main" qualifier. Present company excepted of course. You're just a cunt ;-)

I'm aware how much better public transport is in Germany, etc, I was just pointing out that the shocking state of affairs here in Bristol is more the fault of local rather than national government.

James Barlow said...

The relationship between the Council and First Bus isn't quite as you described it - the council doesn't provide the "permission"; that would be the local Traffic Commissioner.

See my old post "On the Buses"

Anonymous said...

"some anti-car residents (mainly fucking hypocrites living in areas like Redland and Bishopston"

Not me. I'm anti-car because I'm pro-freedom. Freedom from the fucking car.

Cars are a pain in the arse. They cost a fortune to run, they clog up the place with parking and traffic jams, they stink, make a hell of a noise, and kill and maim thousands of people and millions of animals every year just here in Blighty, never mind the rest of the world.

And that's just some of it.

No car thanks.

Lenin admired Henry Ford. Nuff said.

Panopticon Britain said...

No, people driving cars "kill and maim" (wtf?) people, and as for "costing a fortune", tough. It's not your money being spent.

They cause traffic jams? You hate cars, don't use them. You'll never be in a traffic jam again. Problem solved! You don't like cars, you don't use one; that has no relevence on how other people use their cars.

Pro-freedom my butthole.

Bristol Dave said...

Not me. I'm anti-car because I'm pro-freedom. Freedom from the fucking car.

What about freedom for car drivers? Or do their rights not matter as much?

Kindly suggest viable, cheap, reliable, comfortable, and enjoyable alternatives to the car, if you please.

Mike said...

I caught a bus in Bristol once. Never again.

Bristol's public transport is the worst for any city in the UK, and the UK is the worst in Europe. Aren't we lucky.

This is empirically true, and nothing is getting any better, so I think we can assume that no-one cares THAT much.

AngryDave said...

It is a lot cheaper to run and insure my motorbike than it is to use public transport.
I get where i want to go in less time, without waiting around or having to sit next to drunk, stupid or smelly people.
Fuck public transport!

Anonymous said...

"viable, cheap, reliable, comfortable, and enjoyable alternatives to the car"

Walking works for me. Completely free apart from the shoeleather. Guess what, it's even good for you, you know, healthy exercise.

As for your "freedom" to drive - bollocks. It impacts on everyone else's freedom to go about in peace and safety without being gassed by your stinking machines.

As for "not paying for it" - there's a lot more to life than money - well, for some of us anyhow.

Bristol Dave said...

I walk when I can - into town when meeting friends for a drink, etc.

But what about going to the supermarket for a weeks shopping? How do I get that home, float it on a carpet of environmentalist's hot air? Or maybe I could sail it home on a river of your complete and utter anti-car bullshit?

And after spending time behind both buses and cars when cycling, I take issue with you applying the "stinking machines" label to the wrong fucking vehicle group. I'd much rather walk past a car than a bus.

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