Sunday, 23 November 2008

Admit it, you useless snot-gobbling mong're fucked, and you know it.

I'm interested to hear, but also slightly dreading, the economic announcement due tomorrow. Whatever it contains you can guarantee the general gist of it will be bribing the lazy, the work-shy, and the feckless (who are after all the only people left that will vote Labour) with lots of tax cuts in an attempt to preserve Gordon's image. Everything that's happened so far has been to preserve Gordon's image rather than in the public's financial interest. Whether it's the fact that the cash injections into Northern Rock have lost us a load more money or cutting VAT, they're deliberately avoiding talking about the fact that this will mean huge, huge tax rises later - regardless of who's in power.

This Marxist cunt along with his badger-browed Trotskyist sidekick is going to send this country to the fucking wall.

I just despair.


Guthrum said...

This is serious !

Are you willing to be a contributor to South West Libertarians ?


Old Holborn said...

You ignorant cunt.

I've just worked out that by slashing VAT, I'll be saving £13 a year on my £600 mobile phone bill.

Get in!