Friday, 14 November 2008

Missing Posts?

"Avid" readers of the blog may notice a few posts missing. Don't worry, there's no major conspiracy, it's just one of the chain of 2 or 3 people that passed on the information got "cold feet", wasn't sure if the information should be published, and asked for it to be removed. Concience? Who knows.

Anyway, out of respect to her, I have done so - though I'm not sure the information is really very sensitive and I'm confident Bristol City Council would of course have told us eventually. Fear not readers, I will be replacing the content with quality bile ASAP.


Chris Hutt said...

Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted I'm afraid.

We all live and die by the same rules of the jungle - once on the net it's in the public realm and, as you see, stuff can be copied and hosted elsewhere.

But at least a lot more people are going to be keeping an eye on your blog now, although you might find people less forthcoming with the leaks!

angry carnivorous conservative radical eco-mentalist said...

Dammit, Dave, and I wanted to point out that me and my fellows would not say you shouldn't have bought so many cars ...

but that y'all shouldn't a designed the whole bloody city round the fucking motor car in the first place!!!!!!!

Ravening Cannibal Psychopathic Reactionary Enviro-Maniac said...

Cars? The problem goes way beyond the cars, it's the bloody wheels! If I had my way we'd ban them like they did in Japan under the Shoguns.

And while we're at it, we could borrow an idea from ancient Rome and only permit deliveries to take place during the night (they could be carried in on the backs of porters).

"Ahh but" I hear you say, "surely we can't bring in sufficient food to feed the populace like that can we"? Well, we don't need to. We simply have to reduce the size of the current population; anthropophagy offers the quickest, easiest, most environmentaly friendly, and, tastiest way of doing this.

David Ricardo said...

Enviro-Maniac has a good point here.

You and I Dave, and our Libertarian friends, understand very well the inexorable power of the Market, and of Supply and Demand.

A massive oversupply of human beings is currently coming on to the market (soon 7 billion, and growing every day). The free market Law of Supply and Demand clearly indicates that where there is an excess of supply over demand, the value of the "commodity" inevitably decreases.

This is the horrifying world that we have created. A world where the value of human life is diminishing every day. Conversely, the value of the rest of the natural world and other non-human resources is increasing day by day.

People will feel this squeeze growing tighter every day, as the value of our labour and our lives is eroded away to nothing, while everything we need; food, housing, timber, land, fresh water, clean air, recreational areas, and so on will become completely unaffordable.

At the rate the human race is going, we'll have nothing much left to eat except each other, in the fairly near future.

Such is the inexorable logic of the free market.

Ravening Cannibal Psychopathic Reactionary Enviro-Maniac said...

Of course Mr Ricardo. Free market practices will enable healthy profits to be made by those in the toasting fork, spit, oven and seasoning businesses.

There is also a real opening here for recipe books. To date, the only book with any recipes worth mentioning is "Contingency Cannibalism: Superhardcore Survivalism's Dirty Little Secret" by Shiguro Takada. I'm sure that both Delia and Jamie Oliver could improve on this work in their own inimitable ways.

Anonymous said...

There is a mad-cow like disease spread round bits of the indonesia from cannibalism, so if you are going to eat people you need to be sure of what they've been fed on. It is safest to eat vegetarians, especially ones who like organic vegetables. Perhaps sainsbury's nectar cards will be used to identify which households eat appropriately and therefore are premium food sources. See also "A modest proposal", by swift.

Ravening Cannibal Psychopathic Reactionary Enviro-Maniac said...

That would be “Kuru”. My step-brother encountered that when he spent time in New Guinea during the 1970’s.

One of the big causes of Kuru transmission, was that people were eating old relatives - and rubbing their remains into their eyes when weeping, as they prepared them for either reburial after ancestor worship ceremonies, or, for primary burial after excarnation.

Handling material from the cranial cavity poses especial problems.

Kuru is (so I am reliably informed), a prion disease, closely related to new variant CJD. I have been told that the best precaution is, to apply a variant of the 30 month rule; adapted for humans of course. Avoid eating those over the age of 30 years of age, and ensure that there is no consumption of brain tissue, and, the chances of contracting the disease are too small to bother contemplating (considerably lower than being run over by the number 47 bus at any rate).

If the disease doesn’t exist within a given population, it is not a problem - unless of course it arises spontaneously through genetic mutation - hence the reason it posed no problem for Pacific Islanders.

I like your point about Swift - if his ideas had been followed, then there would have been no "Troubles".

Bon apetit… do come round for dinner sometime.