Thursday, 8 April 2010

Those Greedy Morlocks Again

The Welsh are stepping up their election campaign, with Plaid Cymru claiming:

that under the Barnett formula which allocates Treasury funding to the nations of the UK, Wales is being "short-changed to the tune of £300m a year".

Un-fucking-believeable. They already get public spending far higher per person than England, but yet they want MORE?

Let us not forget, that in 2006-07, tax revenues of £19.6bn were raised in Wales, but yet Government expenditure in Wales was £28.2bn - leaving a shortfall of £9.1bn. [Source]

And you're claiming you're being short changed? Fuck me, how much money do you think you deserve? You're already being overpaid to the tune of over NINE BILLION POUNDS and yet you're trying to blackmail the party that wins the election with threats of withholding your worthless vote unless you get MORE?

Here's a suggestion, you pasty-faced phlegm-gargling cunts, how about you fucking EARN more money by getting more of your lazy, "can't work cosov my bad back, see", benefit-scrounging population to do some fucking work, and pay some fucking tax? I bet you're just itching for a hung parliament, aren't you, you fucking grasping cunts. I can't wait to see what kind of levels of undeserved funding you try and fucking stipulate in any deal with the main parties.

Plenty of Welsh people want full devolution - well, after reading this kind of shit, I'm all for devolution, frankly. Let's go for it. You can have your own parliament, you can raise your own taxes and spend it on your own country.

But don't forget you currently have a £9 billion hole you'd have to fill, which I can only presume is currently being filled by those of us over the border who can actually be bothered to work and pay taxes. You might struggle to raise that if all funding ties were cut, as I would hope they would be if full devolution was implemented.

So, devolution then. What's that? You've gone all quiet....


AngryDave said...

I remember watching a program about the number of people claiming benefits in south wales a while back, and they were blatantly taking the piss. One woman agreed to be filmed while she was in with the doctor and she was saying things like, 'my friend told me to say i feel depressed and cant sleep'. The doctor then proceeded to sign her off sick for fuck knows how long, but probably forever. Then he said in an interview afterwards that he knew she was making it up (didnt exactly need to be Sherlock Holmes did he), but that if he didnt sign her off another doctor would.

We have enough scroungers of our own, and if the welsh dont want to be ruled by English parliment, they should not be taking money from it. It should be a case of all or nothing instead of everything on their own terms.

Anonymous said...

Is that not a bit racist Dave? We English have a collective debt to pay to those we conquered and colonised. Your ancestors were very nasty and you must pay the price now, despite it being nothing to do with you.

Actually your ancestors were probably down some tin mine or satanic mill, but I happen to be titled and don't want to pay all myself, so I employ Nationalism to help spread the collective guilt.