Friday, 9 April 2010

More of this, please.


AngryDave said...

Careless or reckless cycling is already an offence under the 1988 road traffic act, but it never gets enforced.
A few signs wont make a bit of difference to the way many (although not all) cyclists think that the rules do not apply to them yet they should be protected from the consequences of acting outside the law.

They probably feel that is their self righteous right to do as they please because they are not evil child killing drivers. The same evil drivers who pay for the roads the use for free.

Paul said...

Saving the word by cycling = chosing which laws you obey

Shame on you Dave for not knowing this.

Anonymous said...


Stop parking on the pavement.

Bristol Dave said...


Cite your evidence that I park on the pavement. And whilst you're at it, kindly shove your Ad Hominem attacks up your fucking arse, you pathetic cunt.

AngryDave said...

Dont forget the cyclists inability to read signs and traffic lights. Take the Hartcliffe Way for example, i have lost count of the amount of times i have got to the front of queue of traffic to find 2 cyclists side by side cycling at a leasurely pace and holding up the traffic. And, for anyone who does not know the Hartcliffe Way, the pavement is a designated clcle path. There are those the round blue signs with the pictures on, so you dont even need to be able to read.

Bristol Dave said...

Cylcists don't have an inability to read signs - they just believe they can pick and choose which apply to them.