Monday, 26 April 2010

Blinky's hypocrisy

So, Blinky Balls has been fined for using a mobile whilst driving.

Mr Balls, married to fellow minister Yvette Cooper, told the Daily Mirror the incident happened last Sunday as they drove from Yorkshire to London.

He took the phone off its hands-free cradle because he did not want to wake his children, he said - and was spotted by police "almost immediately".

I guess it's one of the better excuses to come up with, but maybe the police will be able to confirm whether the kids were even in the car or not.

However, this bit's just classic:

He said he supported the law "100%" as it was protecting people's safety.

100%? Are you sure it's 100%, Ed? Maybe not, oh, I dunno, 75%? Only that surely if you fully supported this law, you'd fucking follow it?

Or maybe, just maybe you're just like every other fucking dispicable politician who introduces laws, publicly supports them, but privately believes they don't apply to him.

You fucking hypocritcal cunt.


Dave said...

Hey Dave, are you one of DC's Active Citizens?

Bristol Dave said...

I hope not!

Anonymous said...

My mistake, just seems like you've got a lot of love going on for the Tories??

Bristol Dave said...

Fair comment. I have a lot of hatred for Labour, but my vote's not sealed on the Tories either. I'd say they can't do any worse than Labour, despite what McBroon claims, it's whether they'd do enough better to get my vote! I suspect they'd be guilty of most of the things I hate Labour for.