Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Standard New Labour Election Campaign tactics

Class War.

I'm not sure why the BBC are reporting this as news, it's been New Labour's standard election tactic for as long as I can remember: "Don't vote for the Tories, they're all posh and want to legalise fox hunting." (say the Champagne Socialist cunts as they much taxpayer-funded caviar and quaff champers).

A quick glance over Kerry's blog proves my case perfectly.


Anonymous said...

And the Tories are a lovely bunch!

Dave said...

Rees-Mogg is a little out of touch to be fair..my local PPC that he is..loves his tweed! partial to a bit of tweed myself. He has got form:

"Rees-Mogg has courted controversy during previous election campaigns. In 1997 he was Tory candidate for the historically Labour seat of Central Fife. He was parodied in the press for canvassing a largely working class neighborhood in his Bentley with his nanny; he lost the election and to date has not held elected office."

Anonymous said...

Socialist =

- Someone who has never worked for his money

- Someone who has no money

Bristol Dave said...

Very true, Anonymong.

In my eyes, Socialist =

Someone who is jealous of something (e.g. wealth, status) that others have but they don't, but cannot be bothered to work to earn it.

Or they are not able to work to acquire it, but instead of just accepting that sometimes that's just how life is, they want to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

Anonymous said...

Does that make the Queen half socialist? She's never worked for her money.

Bristol Dave said...

No, because the Queen is not Jealous of other's wealth or status.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you are forgetting the champagne set. They've never had to work for their money, and prefer parental altruism to the "poor people" than putting them on an even footing and allowing them a chance to join them in financial well-being!

JamesC said...

Kerry McCarthy who is standing for re-election in Bristol East knew all about John Cowan's seedy profile because I emailed her on the 12th February 2010. For Douglas Alexander to say he took decisive action; is not true! As a government whip; McCarthy should have informed Alexander when she saw him. It has just been discovered on Facebook; Cowan has links to the BNP. What a disgrace!