Saturday, 24 April 2010

"Look, you've punished us enough about Iraq"

Crows Millitwat:

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary David Miliband has accused Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg of peddling a form of "anti-politics".

He told the Guardian that Mr Clegg's core argument "that we have had 65 years of failure in this country" is a myth and claimed a Labour vote was the "only way to keep progressive politics governing this country".

In the interview he also said: "Look, you've punished us enough about Iraq."

Um, excuse me, you arrogant, pious, self-satisfied cunt, I rather think we haven't.

The fucking gall of the man.

I fucking hate you Milliband, I hate your arrogance, and I hate your stupid smug fucking face.


Richard said...

Spot on, Dave. When he says 'you have punished us enough', he means 'you have criticised us for a long time and now we are bored'. We should not let this rest, ever, until some kind of justice is achieved. I have linked to this post from mine, as you say what I feel far better than I do.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Dave. Millipwnage.

We've been at war with the poorest sods on the planets, fresh from having medieval bearded cunts taking their liberty, now they have the strongest military on earth cutting their kids to ribbons.

Photo's like these ended Vietnam, it's a shame the BBC don't see fit to publish these.

Robin said...

Oh no Dave, no where near enough, we haven't even begun. The party who brought us to war (against the wishes of the nation) won re-election. Tony Blair is jetting around the world acting like some sort of peacemaker. Who exactly has been punished here? Who has been locked-up/sacked/fined. Certainly not you lot. The only people who have been punished are the families of the dead soldiers and civilians that you decided were worth the cost of going to war over.
Unfortunately for you, it is not the guilty that decide the level of punishment but the nature of the crime. You my friend and your cronies have a lot more hard time to come before we are even close to being done punishing you.

Cecile said...