Thursday, 8 April 2010

Couple demand compensation for their fucking stupidity

crow the Beeb.

A newly-married couple from North Somerset said their dream honeymoon was ruined after a travel agency sent them to the wrong airport in Egypt.

Kate and Marc Bartlett booked for Sharm el-Sheikh, but realised on the plane they were heading to Hurghada - more than 550 miles from their hotel.

And at no time before this point, having thinking they'd booked for Sharm el-Sheikh, did they query why the tickets they'd recieved presumably had Hurghada on it?

No, apparently not, because

"We thought it's Egypt and that's the name of the airport."

Yeah, of course that's an easy mistake to make, after all, it's in the same country, so it can't be that far away, because

"We travel a lot to Portugal and just fly into Faro and then travel to Lagos [about an hour's drive]."

Never mind that Egypt is ten times the size of Portugal.

OK, so the travel company booked them to the wrong destination. But mistakes happen, and had they phoned them up as soon as they knew the mistake had been made, it could have been rectified at the company's expense, and you never know, they might have thrown in a little extra to say sorry. But no, apparently the fact the incorrect destination was in the same country meant that it was fine and dandy, because they'll just drive to the original destination, "just like portugal".

If nothing else, I'd be checking the destination purely because of Ryanair's favourite trick of flying you nowhere near the actual destination.

A couple sit on their DFS leather Sofa (still not paid off after 7 years)
and whinge about their own fucking stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I used to work in Long Ashton, and this don't surprise me one bit.

An odd mix of people live there, from window licking inbreds to snooty wankers who think they live in the country side because Ashton Court separates them from the riff raff in Bristol.

Evening activites include driving JCB's through the front door of the local pub after being barred. Or watching he Police helicopter chasing one of her majesties most popular Long Ashton famililes down the bypass.

And breathe....rant over