Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Justice for Wilbur? Nope, justice for the snake. Good.

You may remember a story I commented on last year about two arrogant cat owners who believed their feral creature had a god-given right to shit where it pleased, and the misplaced indigation they had when it was gobbled by a snake which was in another garden.

Well, it seems that this is one of the few occasions where the government has got it right.

"Once grown the threat is almost entirely confined to the owner's home, as large snakes rapidly become torpid outdoors in the UK climate," he added.

"On balance, the listing of constricting snakes on the Schedule to the DWAA was therefore considered unlikely to achieve the aims of the Act and so they were not added to the Schedule.

"The Government has no plans to add them to the Schedule in the near future."

Good. Maybe now the arrogant owners can realise that they were in the wrong. The "rant" posted on the Justice for Wilbur site is just ridiculous:

So, by leaving his snake unattended and allowing it to kill Wilbur, my neighbour has done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law. Maybe so, but not in the eyes of everyone else that knows about this, who, as one, are horrified.

Nope. I'm not. I know most people that commented on local news sites about this weren't horrified. Maybe horrified at your arrogance, that you let a cat roam wherever it pleased, but then got angry when something happened to it.

As if losing Wilbur in these circumstances wasn’t bad enough, what has made all this even harder to bear is the knowledge - gathered from the RSPCA and the Police - that legally no crime has been committed, so that in effect, nothing can be done, no-one is responsible, no-one can be held to account, and so he's died in vain.

No - you are responsible, and you can be held to account. You let the cat roam wherever it wanted!

The modicum of justice we have achieved is for the snakes owner to be issued with a ‘verbal warning’ from the RSPCA (who’s hands were tied), so that if anything like this happens again, he will be prosecuted.

Why? It was in the confines of the owner's garden.

Well sorry, NO, that’s not good enough, not by a long chalk.....

No it's not good enough. For a start, YOU should have accepted some fucking responsibility for this.

I was warned not to do a leaflet drop naming the snakes owner or his address to people who live in the vicinity or indeed to warn them of any potential threat to themselves, their children or pets; as we might be sued!

Cat-owner vigilantism? The mind boggles.

The ‘what if a child is next.....’ scenario cuts no ice.

Because it's bollocks.

I tell you, the World’s gone bloody mad.

Because everyone thinks differently to you, they're the mad ones? I expect the deranged bag lady pushing a Tesco trolley full of rubbish around Broadmead thinks that the world is mad.


Fidothedog said...

The Justice site for the cat is very funny in a sick sort of way.

Pete said...

Cats are fuckin' horrible creatures anyway. They dig up bits of my garden to leave their evil smelling crap everywhere.

I personally use an airgun as a deterrent, but a snake sounds like a good alternative.

Way to go "Squash" you certainly squashed that little furry bastard.

South Gloucestershire Dan said...

I've never understood why people either love cats or want them killed, I've never come across anyone in between...
I'm a cat lover, but I'm with the snake on this one - keep your pet on your property.
My cats are indoor cats but that's because I have the space, I don't want them tearing the shit out of the local wildlife, and they've got fuck all sense and will either get run over or go and live with the neighbours within five minutes of being free.