Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shirley Brown/Marshall Part IV

City councillor Shirley Brown has appeared before Bristol magistrates after being charged for calling a fellow councillor a "coconut".

Crows the Evening Post.

The trial is likely to take place at Bristol Magistrates' Court before a district judge, unless there is an application by Mrs Brown's solicitor to have it moved to another city.

Somewhere in Florida, perhaps?


Maturecheese said...

There aren't any more pressing or important matters to deal with obviously. What a great way to waste public money on people suing for being 'offended'. I find all this 'racist' bollocks offensive but no one give a f*ck what I think. Then I'm just an indigenous white male whose family goes back at least 400 years in the Gloucestershire area, what right have I got to an opinion?

sacredspring said...

Steady as you go BB, subjudicy (sic) and all. Barristers and judges start compiling your expenses please.