Monday, 1 February 2010

Don't vote Tory - Mandelson says so.

Fucking Mandelson? Does this guy have any fucking idea about how the public perceive him?

He likened party leader David Cameron and shadow chancellor George Osborne to "Laurel and Hardy", who had "not done the work needed" for government.

This from the guy that had to resign three times in disgrace. Just what authority and credibility does he believe he has, for fuck sake?

Update: Take a look at the video. The years don't show on you, Peter!


seebag said...

Simples - totally delusional

Anonymous said...

I was told labour has a gauranteed 9 milliom votes, benefit claimants, workingclass/union and imigrants, so I predict a labour victory by 3 seats unless anyone can prove different.