Tuesday, 23 February 2010

They're Waking Up!

A government proposal to charge people with fixed phone lines 50p per month to help fund ultra-fast broadband has been condemned as "unfair" by MPs.

Too fucking right it's unfair. Why should I pay a higher price on my broadband so some Morlock who has chosen to live in the middle of buttfuck-nowhere can enjoy faster internet access? It is not my problem and I fail to see why I and everyone else living in most areas that do have fast speeds should stump up the cash to solve it.

We're probably going to get this shit anyway though:

The government said the plan was the "best way to drive further investment".

It maintains that faster speeds are "vital to the UK's growth".

What the fuck kind of "growth" (economic or otherwise) do they think we're going to get from people who can't get fast internet access currently? Do they think some fishwife living in Abergavenny is going to rescue the economy if she has 2MB broadband?

But the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said that the government wanted everyone to "access the huge social, economic and health benefits" that high speeds offer.

"Our analysis shows that without intervention, the market will only reach up to 70% of the country, so it's vital we act now to ensure no area is left behind," said a spokesman.

"The 50p duty we have proposed is modest, fair and affordable and is the best way to drive further investment in our networks."

Bis believes the tax will allow a £1 billion upgrade of the UK's digital networks and will be of particular benefit to rural areas.

...and of no benefit whatsoever to most people paying the tax who don't live in the middle of nowhere.

New Labour Socialism at it's finest - taxing the many to benefit the few.


Andy said...

I live in the middle of nowhere. The best we can get is 2Mbps broadband.

I am a high tech chap. I am a research engineer, my job is technical. I run a VPN between home and office, and have a VoIP telephone line. I mention this to point out that if someone as techie as I finds 2Mbps sufficient, then $RANDOM_FISH_WIFE has nothing to complain about.

I could live with less. I have all the access to the "social, economic and health benefits" I need from the Internet at its current rate. For me, the huge jump in facility was from dial up to always-on broadband. The speed has always been perfectly sufficient.

We're talking about the difference between a web page loading in 3 seconds, and 1.5 seconds (and I am being generous). How on earth is that going to kick start the economy?

This is an excuse for the government to buy more votes. Why not just give them the cash, at least your bribery would then be obvious?

banned said...

My old mum has a landline so was thrilled when I told her of the new broadband tax though she would not use a computer or the internet even if given it for free.

Contrarywise, I have no landline aince my mobile fulfils all my telephony needs and already have 5mbps broadband which I could easily upgrade to 10 but can't be arsed so will not be contributing or be in receipt of this woeful government largesse.

Anonymous said...

Oh and you get charged VAT in the tax too. So in fact, far from an extra 50p it is in fact nearer to 60p. Horray for Gorgon Brooon's stealth taxes.


Maturecheese said...

And meanwhile, those of us who have a shite BT line with part of it aluminium, but who just about scrape to nearly 2mb, will pay and get fuck all done to improve our lot. Council estates in S Wales don't fucking count.