Monday, 10 August 2009

"Justice" for Wilbur

One story that seems to be getting a lot of coverage here in Bristol is the story of Wilbur the Tabby Cat who wandered into a neighbour's garden and was gobbled by their pet snake.

I have to say I'm rather confused by the indignation. It's hardly the fault of the snake, either it was where it shouldn't have been (in the owners garden?) or the cat was.

This whole story just reflects the arrogance of most cat owners. They believe their filthy feral creatures have a god-given right to roam, and more importantly, shit, wherever they please (so long as it isn't in their own garden).

"But what if it was a child?" meekly protest the hand-wringing cat lovers. Well, it wouldn't be, would it, because most parents are responsible enough to not let their child roam out of their garden. After all, if it wasn't a snake, it could have been a car (for the child and for the damn cat). But of course you couldn't possibly stop Tibbles shitting all over the neighbourhood, could you?

So of course in typical knee-jerk fashion they're now calling for the law to be changed so people who want to own snakes need a licence. Because, of course, that works so well in regulating Dangerous Dogs, doesn't it? If people want one, they'll get one, licence or not.

What next? Banning cars, because they can (and do) run cats over? Get a fucking grip, and accept if you will let your cat roam wherever it likes, there's a chance it'll die.

Two arrogant twats, earlier

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AngryDave said...

The law regarding cats is very vague due to the uncontrolable nature of a cat.
This is why cats are not covered in the 1988 rta, with regards to reportable accidents. Dogs, horses and livestock are, but not cats.

As a cat owner i would be pissed off if someone was to be cruel or injure to my cat out of dislike or spite. I often have to drive off rival cats from my patio. There is nothing wrong with throwing cold water or doing something equaly harmless to scare them off or stop them fighting.
However, if one of my cats roams into the home of another cat, a dog, or a snake and comes off second, it is their own fault.

As for cats shitting in other peoples gardens. Cats are quite specific about where they like to do it, and cat owners should take responsibility and provide an area in their own garden that the cat would use. Or do what i do, and keep a litter tray. One of my cats will not go outside, so i have to anyway, and if you provide one somewhere quiet they will actualy prefer to use it. Teh other one actualy comes in to use the tray, and i would rather that than piss of the neighbours.