Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Their arrogance knows no bounds

Yes, it's MP's expenses again.

The BBC are still reporting that MPs have got the utter cheek, the outright fucking mendacity to be absolutely furious they are losing the trough their snout is bolted to.

Some MPs have already made clear how concerned they were about the proposals from Sir Christopher Kelly's independent committee, leaked last week.

Tory MP Roger Gale suggested Sir Christopher was "not living in the real world" and said reports that MPs with constituency homes an hour from London would not be allowed to claim for a second home were "absolutely ludicrous".

So you find it unacceptable that you might have to commute an hour to work? Who do you think really is not living in the real world, you dispicable cunt? How fucking dare you show such arrogance and such disdain to the people who put you there? How dare you so personally insult the constituents that voted for you? Fuck you, Roger.

Labour's Sir Stuart Bell told the BBC existing mortgage arrangements "cannot be disturbed" and that he did not think MPs would "accept any enforced redundancies of present staff".

Why can't they be disturbed? Are they too much of a good thing to let go? And who the fuck are you to decide what MPs will and won't accept? You are our servants, not the other way around. Fuck you, Stuart.

Still they've got a plan to "fix" the problem:

Commons leader Harriet Harman has said MPs will not get a vote on the matter and it will go to the new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).

Independent eh? That sounds good. Oh, wait a minute...

The IPSA's chairman and board members will be approved by a new committee of MPs, headed by Speaker John Bercow, which includes three Labour MPs Sir Stuart Bell, Don Touhig and Liz Blackman, Conservative Sir George Young and Lib Dem Nick Harvey.

Independent my fucking arse. It's the same old shit with you cunts, isn't it?

Sir George said the IPSA would be independent and the MPs' committee would only oversee appointments but accepted that it would have to consult the committee, along with other bodies, when "preparing or revising" an expenses scheme.

Yeah yeah, usual shit. After all, turkeys don't vote for Christmas.

But even if the IPSA decides to take on board all Sir Christopher's recommendations, it is not clear when that might happen.

Never, if the MPs can help it. You can guarantee they'll just find another way to get the cash.

That prompted Lib Dem frontbencher David Heath to tell MPs last week: "I have my doubts whether the timetable will be such as to see real and effective change before the expiry of this Parliament.

Well, we won't see any "real and effective change". That bit's simple.


Weston Bay said...

...And of course Sir (unelected) Christopher Cunt is going to make it all better, isn't he?

Put it this way Dave- if Parliament was chock full of libertarians like yourself, for whom you had voted in a free and fair election, what would you think of Kelly then?

We can sack our decrepit MPs at the next election. Sadly we can't sack Sir Christopher. Ever.

It's democracy 1.01.

WV. loded. Just like Sir Christopher. 100k was it?

AngryDave said...

I work with a number of people who have to commute for well over an hour from Wales to get to work, and they do it because have to. And, there are no expenses for them to claim back, the best they can hope for is to claim their bridge tolls back, and even then they have to wait for 4-6 weeks to get them back.
When i had to work in Londonistan for a few months, the train at temple meads was full of people commuting to Londonistan from Bristol. A journey of an hour and forty-five minutes, then they had to catch tubes and buses. Then you had to take into account late trains etc.

The IPSA is never ever going to be independant! It is just a waste of more of our money. We are used to their lies and never take anything on face value anymore, how stuipid do they think we are?

paddy said...

The worst thing is it's all counter productive as at the moment they're wasting time debating the expenses instead of getting on with actually doing any real work that the expenses are paying for.