Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fake Jan Ormondroyd Twitter feed

Saw it on a few people's twitter things on their blogs (I can't be arsed with Twitter) here.

Great idea, but a shame that they let the cat out of the bag so quickly with an admittedly amusing post:

Daydreaming & getting a little bit moist in the knickers at the thought of the next visit from all the fellas at the FA

Not an image anyone would wish to savour, I'm sure. I can't help thinking if they'd carried on the earlier tweets about Strategy and Leadership for a while they would have reeled quite a few people in on that one!


Chris Hutt said...

As you say it would have been a lot more fun if they'd kept it subtle for a while, and spelt her name properly. Whoever did it made the first two Tweets back in March, and they were quite subtle. But then didn't start following people until now and blew it with a Tweet revealing it as an obvious spoof.

seebag said...

In my view a complete waste of time - she's beyond parody or satire.