Monday, 16 November 2009

Bristol 2018 Bid Bullshit

I haven't really got into this so far, primarily because I couldn't give a flying fuck about football. No, really I couldn't - even international matches.

That said, the Evening Post appears to have some interesting figures:

The cost of hosting 2018 World Cup football in Bristol could be as much as £17million – but that would be eclipsed almost 10-fold by the return to the local economy.

The cards are finally on the table for the costs and benefits of Bristol's bid to bring the most-watched tournament in the world to the West Country for the first time.

And the figures are staggering.

It is estimated that visitors will spend more than £150 million in Bristol during the World Cup, according to an independent economic forecast carried out for the Football Association.

But yet further down the article:

The FA was unable to provide a breakdown of how it arrived at a figure of £150 million, which is predicted will flood the local economy if Bristol was to become a host city.

Of course it wasn't able to provide a breakdown, because they've just plucked that figure out their fucking arse. I expect they used the same mathematical figures and concepts as the ones used by the film industry when calculating how much revenue is "lost" each year due to piracy.

Fuck the World Cup bid. We haven't got the infrastructure, and we can't rely on Bristol City Council to provide it.

To date, the council has spent just under £100,000 preparing the bid.


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Anonymous said...

Haha. Bristol could not host the World Cup, no fucking chance whatsoever. It probably has one of the shittest infrastructures of any city in the UK.