Monday, 23 November 2009

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Or for those of us who speak a relevant language, Who watches the watchers?

A second member of the MPs' standards body is defending his expenses claims after reports he "flipped" two homes.

Labour's Andrew Dismore, who represents a north London seat about 10 miles from Parliament, claimed £34,000 on a second home in west London between 2001-2003.

The Daily Telegraph said he then made second home claims on his Hendon flat, amounting to £31,000 from 2003-2009.

What a fucking surprise. No, really.

The Daily Telegraph says he owned the Notting Hill flat with his partner, who ran her homeopathy surgery from the property, and designated it with the Commons fees office as his second home, on which he was allowed to claim expenses.

This really says it all. How can homeopathy, which has been proven as pseudoscience and quackery on occasions far too many to mention, have a "surgery"? By using this term the BBC are just giving it credibility.

He said: "It was the right thing to do to designate the Hendon property as the second home and the London property as the main home."

You can tell he's a Labour MP can't you - telling us what we should be thinking is the right thing. You're not allowed your own opinion under a Labour government, proles.

He added: "The Hendon property was cheaper to run, which was also an important consideration to me, and my claims progressively and rapidly reduced year on year since then.

"Although I could have claimed more I did not do so."

How very noble of you Andrew. You grasping cunt.

He looks like a cunt too:

You can almost smell the arrogance.


banned said...

How could the fucker claim for a second home when either of his first ones were in easy commuting distance of Westminster ? Another one who clearly does not 'get it'.

Kick the lot out now and end this Rubbish Parliament.

Audrey said...

Dave, how can you criticise homeopathy if you have never tried it? It has, over the years, cured me of toothache, piles, menstrual cramps and ebola. The only side effect after drinking all that water is that I now piss like a police horse at inopportune moments but that is a small price to pay.

Bristol Dave said...

My mum has tried it. It cost her a lot of money.

I don't believe homeopathy has any power or effect whatsoever. It's just water you're drinking.

However, I do believe the power of the mind, and the power of placebo.

Some would argue it's worth paying that money for a placebo if it has an affect on them.

Fair enough, I guess, but homeopathy is still a complete load of bollocks. It's been disproven on a number of occasions, and is just a chance for some slightly unscrupulous people to make money. A bit like faith healing or magnet therapy.

Modern medicine has it's roots in homeopathy, but the difference is, it has it's roots in the homeopathy that worked. What's left is the stuff that didn't.

AngryDave said...

I agree with you Dave, any opinion that is not the 'party' opinion is wrong and evil and must be destroyed under labour. At least the Nazi party were honest about what they were doing.

As for homeopathy, i have to disagree. My mothers immune system and lymphatic system cancer has been held in remision for 17 years due to homepathy. Oh, no it was chemo and proper medicine.
Well i know this guy who...... no, that was proper medicine too.
Never mind!