Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A seriously misguided gift

At a rather misguided hippyish online shop called the Good Gift Shop. It revolves around the principle that instead of buying someone a present like a nice bottle of wine, you buy them the "gift" of giving money to some shoeless Indian street kid.

All very noble, although the gift-giving is a bit imbalanced, with the person giving the gift left with a warm and fuzzy feeling, and the reciever getting....fuck all.

Still, whilst there are very worthy sounding causes like Supporting an Afghan Girl for £20 or A year's schooling for a pupil for £25, there's one that really takes the fucking biscuit.

For ordinary folk - reduce the National Debt.

In purchasing this, essentially you are just giving money, money intended to buy a friend or relative a present, straight to the government. The spiel is even worse:

Why lumber your descendants with a staggering debt burden? Now is the time to start reducing the National Debt in their names (and their interest). A wonderful present for children and grandchildren. If you think it´s futile, be more effective and increase your contribution. We even have a bonus for bankers.

Delivery through the Charities Advisory Trust to HM treasury

So this company of fucking clueless hippy hairshirt-wearers are advocating just giving the government money. They are advocating, as if enough isn't taken from us already, the people of the country bailing out the government from it's financial incompetence and mis-managment - which of course is what will happen, but these people are helping it along!

Even worse, this "gift" is placed in all seriousness on the same page as paying for a water pump in an African village or a bike for an Indian midwife.

But yet they think that an equally worthy cause is fucking giving money to the Treasury, because Gordon Brown has borrowed too much and spent it on nothing.

"Well Johnny, we were going to buy you a Playstation 3, but then we thought a far better use of the money was just to pay more tax".

Words fucking fail me. However, if they don't fail you, feel free to contact The Good Gift Shop to tell them what you think about this particular gift.


Anonymous said...

Whichever of these schemes you choose it's the same net effect. You are giving money to be used to support someone from a third world country.
The advantages of the national debt scheme is that you don't need to travel thousands of miles to see your money in action and also you are safe in the knowledge that the money actually has gone to that person because you can see the 50" plasma being delivered to that nice Somali family down the road.

AngryDave said...

What the fuck!!!!!!!
I have to agree with you. The government get enough of our money to waste and steal. They have proved they are not worthy of their positions, and we should be thinking of ourselves and our families now.
A better idea would be to put the money somewhere safe, and give it to your child when they turn 18 so they can use it to emigrate somewhere better. A place where our shitty government wont receive a penny of tax from them, and where they are truly free.