Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Traffic Lights on the dashboard

on buses in Bristol.

According to the Evening Post:

First now plans to roll out the technology across its entire fleet of 9,000 buses in the UK by the middle of 2010 with the equipment picking up on acceleration and braking patterns as well as corner, lane and speed handling.

A 'traffic light' LED monitor on vehicle dashboards flashes green if the driver is driving correctly, or amber or red if a bus driver carries out an unwanted driving manoeuvre such as heavy braking or unnecessary acceleration.

So when will the government decide that we all need a "dashboard traffic light" telling us that The State doesn't approve of the last manoeuvre, and not just buses? I bet it happens.

Oh, but it reduces CO2 emissions, so it must be a Good Thing, right?

Unfortunately, Justin Davies, managing director of First in Bristol, is a complete cunt:

"The great thing about this project is that our drivers are the ones who can make a significant difference and they are real 'green' champions. By using DriveGreen to change their driving habits – even just in a small way – then the gains in terms of environmental efficiency are huge, as well as in areas such as the cost of fuel to the business, which means we can keep bus fares down, and the safety and comfort of our passengers."

Have you fucking bought a bus ticket recently Justin? Fuck you.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Audi already have this shit in their cars. It's just another reason to stay away from the jumped-up badge-engineered VW turdmobiles.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea: Look out the bleedin window, you might have seen those OAPs at the Trinity roundabout then.

AngryDave said...

People drive eraticaly because they can get away with it. With all the traffic cops being replaced with cameras, because speeping = profit, there is nobody out there pulling all those bad drivers.
Some stupid little lights telling us how to drive is not going to save the planet. We should be getting rid of all the oxygen thieves that inhabbit the houses of commons/lords, prisons, and all those pointless public sector employees.

Anonymous said...

There is nobody out there pulling all those bad drivers.

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