Friday, 7 August 2009

It took me an hour to get home yesterday

...instead of 15 minutes, because of this.

The police closed a major dual carriageway (the A38) because of a bomb scare in the Royal Mail building which is near it.

What are the chances that

a) the bomb actually was a bomb - probably very low
b) the bomb would go off as I was driving past - extremely low
c) the bomb is large enough to do any serious damage, considering it was in a sorting office - very low
d) the bomb would do any damage to anything outside of the RM building, especially a road a good few yards away from it - extremely low

...I would have preferred to take my chances, frankly.


David said...

Another performance of the Security Pantomime.

bristolmoose said...

Serves you right for driving a gas guzzling car. Why weren't you using public transport?
Also if we all had id cards this sort of thing wouldn't happen as there would be no terrorism.

Honestly Dave, I sometimes wonder if you even listen to our government.

Anonymous said...

The same way a speck of drizzle on the M4 means immediate 50mph limit imposed, the smallest opportunity to close a major road is always taken.