Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Now the environmentalists stick their oar in.

as the police prepare for protests.

Organiser Natalie Swift said: "Direct action is the aim - we are trying to disrupt the climate criminals."

God all mighty. I dread to fucking think what these soap-dodging trustafarians are planning to do. They've already made innocent air-travellers days an absolute misery by stopping flights when they danced about on a runway, who else's day are they going to ruin for a cause they claim to represent the general public's view on, but never actually fucking checked?

Ms Swift said they hoped to cause maximum disruption to whichever of the "dirty dozen" targets were selected, adding: "What they are doing is wrong and has to stop.

"If the government is not going to do it, normal people will have to step in."

Really? Tell me, Ms. Swift, what the fuck is so normal about people who assume a position of self-elected spokesperson for the public and then go and trash buildings of companies? I don't remember being asked if I agree with your views, and I doubt anyone else does either. So what the fuck makes you think you are representing the majority?

You have decided in your own little world that companies that you disagree with have to be stopped, and so you're going ahead and stopping them, claiming to have the support of the public on your side, except you've never actually checked whether this is true. I can't work out whether you actually believe the public do support you or if you just don't give a fuck. Do you think all the families that had their day ruined when you blockaded that airport supported you?

Fuck you Natalie, you arrogant, lofty, presumptious, self-important bitch, and the ethnic peace-bicycle you rode in on.


Sue said...

It'll be interesting to see what sort of mess they leave behind them, wherever they are!

Weston Bay said...

Climate change will happen whether we are here or not- it's a natural process that's been going on for, oooh, several billion years now. That's my take on the whole thing.

Question is why do these middle class, bedreadlocked drop-outs seem to exercise so much influence and get so much coverage- often without any kind of challenge from the MSM?

Until there is a coherent, popular challenge to the politics of environmentalism then these clowns will continue to hold the upper hand.

And continue to get on our nerves.

As to what they'll be leaving behind, Sue, the answer is: a bad smell and oodles more airtime on Sky/BBC News Channel etc.

swindon_alan said...

I would like them all doused in petrol and set fire to. That would help the CO2 content of the atmosphere and help the vegetation grow better.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see this blog and its supporters remain in the dark ages.


AngryDave said...

We also have to consider that if these veggie, trustafarian freaks stopped eating all the environment there would be more of it.
Not to mention all the hot air and co2 these jobless wasters produce.

I have to agree with Swindon Alan. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but at times like these we have to take desperate measures. And, i am sure the publice would be behind this little 'direct action'.

There is also the fact that all the government scientists that support the global warming theory, are all bought off. Tow the party line and they will foot the bill for your real work by filtering the money through other government 'sponsored' agencies. It has been happening for hundreds of millions of years, and it aint going to stop because we have built our infrastructure on the planets surface over the last few hundred.

Why do hippies have anything in common with me?
So why do they feel they can speak for me?
Do us all a favour and choke on something!

swindon_alan said...

I had a frank and serious conversation with one of my colleagues today about Blackheath.

He suggested using the planes that are currently dousing the forest fires in Greece with water to spray petrol on the wankers in south ondon instead.

'Yay' said I. You see, why do they claim to represent the majority of this country when most of us would like to see them rendered into burning fat and charred bones?

Also, they have fenced off a piece of common land that has been that way for a thousand years.

Complete hypocrites. Torch the fuckers. Now.

Bristol Dave said...

Anonymong @ 16:03 - why we living in the dark ages? It's the arrogant trustafarians like Natalie Swift who want us all to go back to the dark ages by removing/"banning" anything that she feels damages the environment.

She and the others have no fucking right to elect themselves as spokespeople for the entire country when they haven't checked to see what people's views are, being arrogant and presumptious enough to just assume that they must align with their own.