Tuesday, 9 June 2009

UAF Hypocrisy

Let me first start out by saying I don't support the BNP - they are a far-left party (yes, that's racist left-wing party, read their manifesto, people - full of state control and nationalisation) and I can't agree with most of their policies.

Aside from that, Nick Griffin is a cocktard of the highest order.

That said, I really can't understand why the UAF (who have egged Griffin today) get so much respect.

I'm struggling with a glaring hypocrisy of the UAF. In protesting against the BNP, they are trying to silence them - in effect, they are saying that they don't agree with the BNP having a platform to speak freely from (i.e. free speech).

Often when this is pointed out to the UAF their response is that they can't agree with the BNP because it's views are bigoted and/or racist.

That may be true, but the fact still remains that they are saying they support Free Speech, unless they disagree with the content, in which case they think it should be silenced. So they believe they, the UAF, should be able to censor who can and can't make their views known (racist or not) to the public.

Isn't that a bit...well, um....fascist?

You fucking hypocrites.


Martin said...

I personally think this obsession of "Don't give them a platform" and "Keep 'em quiet" have given the BNP as many votes, if not more, than the expenses scandal.

The No Platform approach is student union politics at its worse.

Anonymous said...

As Martin says, above, in student politics of the 1980s this was standard practise so no doubt the State funded fake pressure group UAF think their stance is entirely justified because they do not understand democracy or freedom of speech, wankers.

AngryDave said...

The UAF are blatantly state affiliated. It is obvious from their 'say what you like as long as we agree with it' stance.
It is the same tactic that labour party have used to indoctrinate everyone to their politicaly correct ways.

Freedom of Speech said...

Dave, I ran into a marxist twat at Cardiff train station who wouldn't have it that he was too a facist. Unfortunatly, for me he didn't beleive in a free speech even if you diapprove of it (BNP I do not support, i do support free speach). He didn't like the fact that I said the BNP can say what they like even if you disagree. To which he just kept shouting me down like the student marxist the twat was.

Anonymous said...

Policies of state control and nationalisation are not, in and of themselves, hallmarks of left wing politics. You have fallen into the same muddy thinking as Neo Conservatives in America who claimed that Socialism and Nazism are one and the same thing. They are not.

The BNP's raison d'etre is ultra-nationalism and of defining nationhood along racial lines. That is a clear hallmark of the far right.

Medicine Hat said...

They also appear to turn up and wade in in opposition to any protest against Islamo-Fascism but seem completely unaware of the moronic hypocricy of that. They come over as a bunch of posers who don't really have the first idea of what it is they're actually "against."

Anonymous said...

medicine hat, they will support anything that is non-white and non-Christian even if it is far-right like Islam. These leftists seem to have a hatred of the West. They are a bunch of masochists.