Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bristol MP's Expeses

There are 5 MPs in the Bristol Area:

Roger Berry (LAB)

Kerry McCarthy (LAB)

Doug Naysmith (LAB)

Dawn Primarolo (LAB)

Stephen Williams (LIB)

Over the next few days, I shall be going over each MP's expenses with a fine-toothed comb. What I can see anyway, with all the fucking "redactions".

I'll start with everyone's favourite...darling Kerry.


jpe bloggs said...

So why not just get todays
Telegraph, outlines sans redactment for the whole bloody shower.

Bristol Dave said...

It only outlines key stuff - it's only a 68 page document. I will pick it up though.

Dim Prawn's Downfall said...

fGood for you Dave , did you read about Dawn in the Supplement of Shame with the Telegraph?

"Dawn Primarolo The Childrens and Families Miniister claimed second home expenses for her constituency home in Bristol until 2004, when she FLIPPED her expense claims to her London flat.
Overnight her monthly claims for mortgage interest went up from £317 to £1,313. Having claimed a relatively modest £12,553 in 2003-04, Miss Primarolo's total claims under the Additional Costs Allowance rose sharply after the move, and by 2007-08 she was claiming the maximum permissible amount of £23, 083.
Miss Primarolo also claimed for council tax, utilities, a cleaner and for her TV licence."

Telegraph Supplement Labour's 25 Big Guns