Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Thanks (I think) to the BCC employee who emailed this simpering note off the BCC Intranet. It apparently comes from a column where Jan posts musings to her minions. I think I feel sick.

Messages from the Chief Executive

(updated 23 June 2009)

Have you seen the news? What a coup for Bristol.
The City Museum & Art Gallery is currently taking centre stage in the art world with the ground-breaking Banksy show.

Love him or loathe him, there’s no getting away from Banksy in Bristol at the moment.

What does the show mean for the city and the council?
We’re already looking at extra temporary staff over the summer to cope with record numbers of visitors to the museum.

The show is also proving to be a real boost to Bristol’s economy - helping to pack local cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Thanks must go to the staff at the museum who have worked hard behind-the-scenes to bring this spectacular show to Bristol.

The show runs until Monday, August 31 and includes over 100 works, including 78 new pieces. The exhibition is free too, so make sure you get a chance to see the show.

Christ allmighty, where do I begin? The sheer hypocrisy is damning enough. BCC couldn't have seen Banksy as anything other than a complete pain in their arse in his early years, suddenly he's "famous" and "popular" and he's always been their best mate, don't you know? What a fucking load of hypocritical nonsense. Is this what Jan means by "marketing" the city?

And are "local cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels" really "packed" because of this show?



seebag said...

Shops and cafes doing well out of it. Can the dreadful Droyd have anything beyond anecdotal evidence for this?
Staff at the museum have worked hard. Well how unusual is that in the public sector?
The god awful Droyd would do better to concentrate on providing decent basic services before claiming undeserved kudos for this hypocritical pile of w*nk

Anonymous said...

"Thanks must go to the staff at the museum who have worked hard behind-the-scenes to bring this spectacular show to Bristol."

Staff who, lest we forget, were being bullied by council management into signing draconian confidentiality agreements regarding the show.