Saturday, 20 June 2009

Expenses Analysis - Kerry McCarthy


And the first shocker - well, not really a shocker. Kerry has claimed £400.00 exactly for food allowance in Jun 2005, Jul 2005, Jan 2006, Feb 2006, Mar 2006, Apr 2006, Jun 2006, Jul 2006, Oct 2006, Nov 2006, Dec 2006, Jan 2007, Feb 2007, Mar 2007, Apr 2007, May 2007 and Feb 2008. After May 2007 she gets a conscience, realising that she shouldn't really be claiming the full amount, just because she can - but still claims figures that seemingly were pulled from her arse. But for the many months that you did claim £400 for food, did you REALLY spend EXACTLY £400 EVERY MONTH on food solely relating to your parliamentary duties, Kerry?

I rather think you didn't. After all, I haven't met you in person but judging by your headshot you don't look as fat as Eric Pickles, and I would have thought anyone would be, spending that amount.

OR could it be that it's an expense that doesn't require a receipt? I wonder...

They also appear to have interesting redactions on Kerry's Aditional Cost Allowance for 05-06. Page 5 seems to show exactly the same as Page 7, except Page 7 has more blanked out - text which seems to relate to Kerry's mortgage payments, juding by the placement on the form. The text which was present on Page 5 but blanked out on Page 7 is:

Previously Paid £1357.32
PLEASE PAY £275.00

I'm not sure why they blank out the invoice for her furniture (£2690, thank you very much) when a quick Google search shows it's from Habitat. Would Kerry be shopping in Habitat if she wasn't an MP, or would it be Ikea?

In fairness though, she's only got a 17" (!!!???!!!) Television.


Getting the FT delivered every day, Monday to Saturday, for a year? Why can't you buy one on the way to work?

Also, why is the building rented, and money paid to, "Labour Party Properties"? Surely if they own the building, and you are a Labour MP, you should just be able to use it? Definitely some digging required for that organisation.

Also, paying the previous occupant of the office (Jean Corston) £1000 for all the furniture in there??!? Was she ever going to use it again? And since she'd paid for it with tax payer's money, why do you need to pay for it again, with tax payer's money?

Also, I'm no expert in handwriting, but this handwriting (which is representative of most of the claim forms)

doesn't look very simliar to this handwriting.

Surely you're not getting your staff to fill out your claims forms for you, are you Kerry?


So yes - nothing really that terrible, apart from the food allowance which just seems to have been used by every MP as a fucking cash machine, as it didn't require reciepts. Dawn next.


jpe bloggs said...

Go get the bitch Dave.

seebag said...

Stupid AND criminal - not a good combination Kerry

Bristol Dave said...

I left a comment on Kerry's blog, questioning the fact that taxpayers paid twice for all the furniture in her office, and linking to this post - but perhaps unsurprisingly she hasn't published it.

Will said...

its been published now. aparently she has paid tax on it?