Thursday, 4 June 2009

BBC Alba

I like cars. I also like car programmes, so it follows that I watch Top Gear. However, whilst bored and watching an old epsiode, I followed a link to "Air An Rathad". At first I thought there was a problem with the audio, but it turns out it's from BBC Alba, speaking Scottish Gaelic.

This is paid for by BBC License fees. The channel costs £15m.

Some of YOUR licence fee - providing you pay it, of course - pays for this shite.

And how many people speak Gaelic?

58,652 in 2001. That's just 1.2% of the Scottish Population. Only 1% of the porridge-wogs speak this stupid language - which sounds even more phlegmy than Welsh - but yet apparently the BBC think it's a worthwhile investment.

How the fuck can they justify this? So what if the language was going to die? So fucking what? Langauges survive and languages die for a reason. Not covering the person you're speaking to with huge amounts of flob is a bonus, so I expect Welsh to die out sooner or later. What possible use is this language if it remains anyway?

Fuck off, you phlegmy fucking morlocks, and stop taking MY money (yes, I do begrudgingly pay a licence fee as Mrs. Bristol Dave inists on it) to try in vain to keep your pointless fucking language alive.


Mr Wurzle said...

Oi caaan't read and oi caaan't wroite
But that don' really matterrrr,
Cos oi'm a Brizzle City fan
An' oi can roide moi tractorrr.

DaveA said...

Hi Bristol Dave. Sorry to be off topic but I have just tracked down on YouTube an amateur playing the bass line on Hit me With Your Rhythm Stick against the song in the background. Great finger work!

AngryDave said...

What a fucking waste of time and money. They are using our money against our will to pay for shit nobody cares about.
All to justify well paid jobs for the politicaly correct nazi squad.

Tom said...

£15,000,000 divided by let's say 60,000 is £250 quid each.


But then again - an hour of weekday BBC1 "peak" evening program (i.e. ~45 minutes when you clip the credits, continuity , news, weather and local drivel) is £300,000 - no wonder they're usually smirking at you.

Findlay Napier said...

Dave... darling... calm down... you'll give yourself a brain tumor with all that 'thinking'.

Their channel provides a very useful platform for playing and showcasing a lot of Scottish musicians whether they be Gaelic speakers or not. There is no place for these shows on other channels so I reckon that makes BBC Alba pretty good value.

Check out some of the music shows... you'll also see a lot of English musicians.

Anyway I resent my liscence fee going to pay for BBC Radio Bristol and whatever cider-guzzling telly pish they put on down there.

If you really have an issue with it they are doing a channel review at the moment and are looking for comments from the public.

Smell ya later


Yvonne Murray said...

"What a fucking waste of time and money. They are using our money against our will to pay for shit nobody cares about.
All to justify well paid jobs for the politicaly correct nazi squad."

Ah, that hub of cultural activity that is Bristol. And what do you know, the man is called Dave. Why don't you throw in a further cliche and say you're off to see a man about a dog?

You like cars? I can only imagine that beast of a Ford Fiesta you have clapped out in your garden. Oddly enough the 'phlegmy fucking morlicks' pay tax as well. Probably more than you do (judging by the intelligence, or lack thereof in your post, I reckon you're probably on benefits.)

Anyway, carry on BristolDave - your ignorance provides us porridge-wogs with alot of bogroll.



Anonymous said...

Bristol Dave - you obviously have a very small penis. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Hey twat head, £15 million is only a lot of money if you have it in your own bank account!
Your own council, (one council), will this year spend nearly £400,000,000, thats 400 million... including £15 million on such nonsenses as helping individuals and businesses have better access to the internet and broadband.