Saturday, 20 June 2009

Expenses Analysis - Dawn Primarolo


Damn it. I was hoping to find some juicy shit with Dawn's ACA since Kerry didn't have much other than her food allowance. But if Kerry was fairly clean, Dawn was squeaky. She's hardly EVER claimed for Food allowance on her ACA. Nothing else really of note.


Claiming for papers on your expenses is a little iffy, but all MPs seem to do it. Interesting that the redactors have sometimes blocked out "STREET" of "EAST STREET NEWS" on the reciepts (a newsagent in Bedminster) and sometimes not. What is the point?

Also, should the taxpayers REALLY foot the £120.00 bill for a copy of "Who's who" for you, Dawn? Why do you need it for your job?

Amusing to see Dawn locked herself out of her office on the 29th August 2006 :)

What was the blanked out payment on Page 22 on Dawn's 07-08 IEP? There is no reciept included for it.


Only thing I wonder here is why she paid some staff members from the CA, and others from IEP? Maybe these ones were "promoting" her?


Again - nothing exciting from the redacted versions. But the telegraph can reveal:
Dawn Primarolo The Childrens and Families Miniister claimed second home expenses for her constituency home in Bristol until 2004, when she FLIPPED her expense claims to her London flat.
Overnight her monthly claims for mortgage interest went up from £317 to £1,313. Having claimed a relatively modest £12,553 in 2003-04, Miss Primarolo's total claims under the Additional Costs Allowance rose sharply after the move, and by 2007-08 she was claiming the maximum permissible amount of £23, 083.
Miss Primarolo also claimed for council tax, utilities, a cleaner and for her TV licence

No surprise that the Parliamentary Authorities wanted to redact what they did.

Next, Let's go to Bishopston's middle-class favourite, Stephen Williams.

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