Friday, 12 June 2009

Jan's Office Costs

So, it's come out how much Jandroid spent having her offices redone for the Strategic Leadership Team. The offices that were fine for Gurney, but not for her tastes.

The summary of costs is available here. The total is £122,117.37. Just sit and digest that for a minute. She thinks she deserves over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-TWO FUCKING GRAND of taxpayer's money to "spruce up" her working environment. Some of the MP's expenses that have come out are nothing in comparison to this.

* £38,809 spent on Building, Construction, Decorating and Partitioning is a large enough figure to suggest that the entire offices was ripped out and redone.
* £14,947.81 on carpet? FIFTEEN GRAND on carpet? Christ, is that really how much carpeting costs?
* £1,966.84 on WiFi. 2 GRAND? You can buy a wireless router for £40. You can buy a really decent one for £200.
* £6,112.36 on "Building Practice Fees". What are these, and why are they so much?


AngryDave said...

Some of them spend as much on decorating their offices as some people spend on a house.
There are people who dont earn that much in 10 years, and that is before tax.

Anonymous said...

OK Dave, its blatantly obvious that this is disgusting, and the public of Bristol shouldn't put up with it, especially the salary you covered well on previous blogs.

What can we actually do to bring the public's attention to this and actually get something changed - UKLP getting MPs is a long way off, and the only people reading this blog agree with you anyway.

I'm really getting fed up of this, it's about time we took matters into our own hands in some way.

The problem with (y)our movement is we have no proper teeth! If you can think of some ways to get some proper coverage to get the feckless drones of Bristol to take notice and make changes, I'd support you all the way!

Anonymous said...

I mean, the problem with Blogging is, unless you are Guido, who is pretty apolitical in some ways, it's an outlet. We speak about the things that piss us off, and we feel better and accept our fate.

Look at the left and the UAF and ANL - they get coverage, we don't because were spunking all our creative energies on moaning (rightly so) and all credit to you for exposing this, but what next? We HAVE to stop this!

85 per cent said...

She wallows in the unknown depths of her own shit pit.Troughligate cunt.