Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Paranoid Retards

So, more people are complaining about Google's Streetview, as some faces are publically identifiable, and more often than not, people don't like the fact there's a photo of their house on the internet.

Seriously, what the fuck are people getting so worked up about? It's one photo taken at one moment in time - does it really fucking matter? Really? Christ, I know I'm the first to complain about invasions of privacy (usually from the state) but this is just a step too far. My current house is not included on there but my previous house is, complete with the car parked outside. And do you know what? I couldn't give a fuck. My house just looks like a house with a car outside, with both registration plates blurred. There's nothing of use to someone wanting to break in there, apart from the possible deterrent (although not much!) of an alarm box on the outside.

I haven't seen a face that hasn't been blurred and yet is particularly identifiable. And even if it was, does it matter? It just means you were walking down that street at a certain (unknown) particular time on a certain (unknown) partiuclar day, over 6 months ago. This is a world away from CCTV cameras which are constantly updated.

Meanwhile, tons of Google Image searches bring up people's faces, such as here, and on high-traffic websites such as here and here. Are we going to have to start blurring these photos as well?

And what makes people think everyone is going to be flocking to view their insignificant house?


AngryDave said...

I have to agree Dave. Who the fuck cares about a random photo of their house and maybe their car on the internet. Are these things not on public display anyway? I can see the layout of the grounds around my home on google earth, surely that would be of more use to someone.
If someone wanted to break into your house, or stalk someone they would just do it.
I have had inmates brag to me about how they just kick in people's fornt doors, beat them up and take what they want. They will do it for lots of reasons, and not the obvious ones either, like stuff on display etc. In fact, a lot of these lads prefer there to be someone home. This way they get to inflict violence on someone who is scared out of their mind (they really do enjoy it), and they can get the home owner to tell them where all the valuables are hidden. They usualy tie them up and lock them somewhere before taking their car to transport everything in.
They dont care about getting caught, because they wont get a meaningful punishment, and prison aint hard enough to worry them, and they wont get too long anyway. They see their lives as being endlessly in and out of jail anyway, so a few months inside is an occupational hazard.

Martin said...

If it were at all comparable to the CCTV we've had thrust on us, I'd be up in arms- but, it is just one photo that will probably never be changed.

Old Bag said...

no dear, you got it all wrong..its not that google are spying on us, its yet another way our fascist government are keeping tabs on us and keeping us under their jackboot.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

What chance the anti-google campaign is to introduce the idea of a " right to privacy "
in a public place. ie only the Government are entitled to take peoples pictures, not you or I and certainly not the press.