Thursday, 26 March 2009

Draper vs. Guido - some points

The video of the interview can be viewed here.

1) Draper looks like Jarvis Cocker after spending a night sleeping on a park bench.
2) Draper claims Labourlist is totally independent from the Labour Party - I rather think not, given all the Labour MPs that write articles on there.
3) Draper says "We publish every year who finances us...we haven't published it yet." How fucking convenient. I'm reliably informed Unite provide financial support (which is the "Trade Union" he mentions), which just means cash that was going to go direct to the Labour Party has gone to LabourList instead, which pretty much equates to LabourList being supported by the Labour Party, when you think about it.
4) On this point, who are a few "independent Labour people"?
5) Draper seemed remarkably aware of what was going to be asked of him, even to the extent of asking him a question that Andrew Neil hadn't asked him yet - funny that.
6) Draper didn't do a very good job of avoiding the Damien McBride question - I await the publication of the alleged document with interest.

My opinion: Draper is a whining, arrogant cunt. GUIDO 1 DRAPER 0


AngryDave said...

What else do you expect from the labour party propaganda machine that is the bbc. Of course he got the questions first, in some sort of attempt to try and make him look better than Guido, and put him at a disadvantage.

Percy Bisque Silly said...

O Rancorous Fuss!
Write thee some fair Poesy my friend and leave Politics to those unable to pen a limerick.