Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Be honest, Darling, you mean us, don't you

Apparently that incompetent, useless, Marxist prick Darling has called on the richest countries to increase resources to the International Monetary Fund.

The chancellor says some new EU countries face funding gaps and 90m people worldwide will fall into poverty as a result of the financial crisis.

I rather think our country is in a pretty fucking terrible state, you useless streak of piss - due to the way you and Gordon have mis-managed it. Have you checked out the size of our funding gaps recently, due to the money you've been blindly throwing at the banks, with no change whatsoever (other than the huge increas in debt you've saddled us with)?

You fucking cunt, Darling. You bankrupted this country and you don't even care. You won't even acknowledge the fact - instead, the best we get is some vague mutterings about "humility". If you had any humilty whatsoever you'd fucking hang yourself off a lamp-post before Old Holborn got to you.

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