Thursday, 26 March 2009

God will punish us, apparently

According to the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is drawing tenuous links between climate change and religion in order to maintain a false sense of relevance with the wholly irrelevant church.

God will not intervene to prevent humanity from wreaking disastrous damage to the environment, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.

Really? Or could that just be because God doesn't exist?

A paedophile (judging by the beard and glasses), earlier


sanbikinoraion said...

He's not a paedo, he's an extra from TNG :)

Old Bag said...

or to put it another way: were all fucked.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Owing, as I do, much of my cultural baggage to the Church Of England, I tend to leave its adherants alone. In this case though, fuck off Rowan you know nothing cunt. The reaon god won't interfere is because he does not exist and, if he did , he would be a cunt too, for allowing all the bad stuff to happen.