Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Out of the woodwork come the McCanns

With more sickening arrogance, just as I thought we'd finished with them and I didn't have to listen to stories of their irrelevant daughter any more.

Madeleine McCann was treated as a "commodity" by the UK press, her father Gerry has told MPs.

No, she was treated as a commodity by you, her media whore parents, who were desperate for as many column inches as possible. You employed PR people to handle the whole saga, for fucks sake.

I still reckon they killed her and tried to hide the evidence.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

I dunno if they " killedd her " but they certainly abandoned their children to their fate ( which is how the locals see it ) and then used their medi-savy to divert attention from that undeniable fact.

Anonymous said...

even the germans reckon it´s doctor cunt what applied a sleeping drug so the cunt could have a fillet steak?
got back home and blew it

AngryDave said...

A friend of mine at work always makes predictions on news stories like this, and is right 99% of the time. He thinks that the parents drugged her to make her sleep, but accidently killed her. Then they got local criminals to dispose of the body.
I have to agree with him, and i think that the way they handled the press was too organised and cold hearted. The fuckers will get away with it aswell.

Old Bag said...

your mate is on the money, angry dave..i have never believed this old imposter or snatched to measure by some kiddy fiddler..utter bollocks!..they are guilty as hell!..they are on par with that mong goody for being media whores. cunts.

AngryDave said...

There is definately something fishy about how they handled the media so coldly, all the while turning on the crocodile tears for the camera.
They are sick child murdering cunts, and should be locked away.

Bristol Dave said...

AngryDave - totally. There's something fishy about the their handling of the media, and how they could maintain quite such an arrogant front when faced with the possible permenant loss of their daughter.

There's all sorts of discussions about the McCanns, all seem to be based on the fact that something is not right about the whole thing. One of the most interesting theories, especially as to why they got so much high-profile government assistance was a connection with Operation Ore, and further you dig with this link, the wierder and more interesting it becomes. Try it.