Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Typical emotive story from the BBC:
Hundreds of people are feared dead after at least one boat packed with suspected illegal migrants heading for Europe sank off the coast of Libya.

If they were illegal migrants, why would their death be feared? Serves them right for trying to illegally enter the country, frankly.


seebag said...

One of your easier questions. It's because it's not the BBC News Department any more, it's the BBC Drama Department. Just watch the emoting, the hand and arm gestures (eg Fiona Bruce), the intonations etc etc.
Of course that's when it's not being the BBC Censorship, Bias, Thought Control and Show Business Department.
What a sad degeneration from the once trusted and respected News department.

Old Bag said...

i know. poor souls. trying to make a better life for themselves. can you sense i have no sympathy in this post?

Captain Swing said...

Bollocky news item of no interest to anyone.Obviously gets Smith and her wanker husband off the news though.
I dont actually watch BBC news or any other TV news for that matter because its all a load of leftie bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Some of those people were probably kids.

I hate immigration as much as anyone, but laughing at the death of people who want to play a little higher up the league of capitalism shouldn't be blamed, it is our fucking feeble wanker government who allow it to happen and furnish them with gifts and benefits for doing fuck all.

The biggest fucking outrage is the way the BBC when getting "public opinion of immigration" always show 2 general types of people.

1 - Intelligent, educated ethnic minority

2 - Lamert and Natch ridden white trash BNP supporting fucking warehouse operative.

What about the thousands of fucking taxi driving illegal bastards, and the thousands of sane educated Brits who disagree with the scale of migration?

Dont hate the player, hate the Labour party and the BBC.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Their first port of call is the Italian Island of Lampedusa, an arid rock just a few miles off the coast of Libya. Once accepted there the entire EU is their oyster FFS.
Italy should abandon Lampedusa whose only previous claim to fame was as a favorite place of bannishment for Roman Emperors.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget one of the major reasons for Africans wanting to come to Europe is that they can't build an agriculture based economy there because they're screwed over by the CAP.

The CAP has killed more people than Islamic terrorism by a country mile.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Get it right Anonymo 01 April 2009 10:10

The French Agricultural Policy.