Saturday, 27 December 2008

This is where it ALL starts

Right here,

Film-style age ratings could be applied to websites to protect children from harmful and offensive material, Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has said.

Really. And how do you suppose this will be implemented? "Click here, but only if you're 18. Promise you won't cheat, now." Nanny software to "protect kids" already exists to install on computers. There are already ratings systems for websites but this is almost impossible to enforce. This implies then that the only option left is for the systems to be introduced at source, at the ISP.

Now, what do you suppose this could be a precursor to?

Mr Burnham, a father of three young children, believes internet service providers should offer child-friendly web access.

And how would an ISP tell whether a child is browsing the internet or not? It can't. So that means this Stasi cunt wants to give all people in the UK "child-friendly" access. What if I, as an adult, want to view a beheading video? Or Porn? I won't be able to if this utter mong has his way.

And it might start with blocking beheading videos, but what else could be blocked in the future?

Global Warming denials?
Anti-Government websites?


Apparently we're still to trust them though:
He insisted he was not trying to curb free speech, but wanted to protect the public from "unacceptable" material.

Won't somebody think of the children?

Oh, and who do you suppose decides what is "unacceptable" and what isn't? I reckon Jackboots.


Martin said...

Totally agree. This is a completely mental, useless idea, and it's impossible to put into practise unless the government want to go all chinese on us.

The Penguin said...

Every little helps

The Penguin

AngryDave said...

These fuckers must be trying to outdo the Nazi's or something. Totaly destroy our way of life and comtrol everybody on the planet.
Fuckers, fuckers, fuckers!